Access Map

*Take the Rt-246 Bypass down for parking at Garden Island.
Not permitted to stop and wait on Rt-246 when entering parking.
Please go straight and use the East Bldg. parking lot (Shuttle service available for free till 20:00).
*Route to Garden Island (8 min walk from Futakotamagawa Stn.)

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Shuttle Services

Between Main Bldg.
and Garden Island
10:00-20:00(as needed)May be delays during peak hours

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Locationk Hours Charges
West Bldg.(A,B,C,D) 9:30-23:00 \300 for every 30 mins
East Bldg.
Marronnier Cort
Tower Parking
Garden Island

※Parking Fee free after 17:00 on weekdays

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[Parking Charge] free according to purchase price

Purcharge total amount West and East Bldg.
Garden Island
Tower Parking
Marronier Court
\2,000 1hr 2hrs
\5,000 2hrs 3hrs
\30,000 3hrs 4hrs
\70,000 4hrs 5hrs
\100,000 7hrs 8hrs

◎Takashimaya Card & S.C Card (not including Takashimaya Saison Card & Takashimaya Point Card) holders can park for up to 2hrs free.(limited to once every weekday)
*Can be combined with the above free parking rate.(Free parking service does not include weekends and national holidays as well as Tamagawa Special Days [special sales], 12/30,31,1/2,3.)
Free parking once a day for 2hrs at Garden Island & Tower Parking excluding Tamagawa Special Days, 12/30,31, 1/2,3.
◎Parking Fee after 17:00 not charged on weekdays. Parking fee charged until 17:00,no extra added thereafter.(Excluding weekends and national holidays, Tamagawa Special Days, 12/30,31, 1/2,3.)

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