Business Hours


Shopping Center : 10:00 - 21:00
Atrium Dining : open till 23:00
Garden Island : open till 20:00
Tamagawa Takashimaya Department Store : 10:00 - 20:00


All the Stores:January 1st

Tax Free

【Tax Refund Counter】

・Tax-free shopping procedures are completed at the Tax-free Counter.

・The person who made the purchase must come to the Tax-free Counter on the same day (during the hours the Tax-free Counter is open).

・A tax-free handling charge equivalent to 1.1% of the price of the product(s) eligible for tax-free shopping shall apply at the Shopping Center. Thank you for your understanding.(Operation: Global Blue)

◆Tax Refund Counter Main Bldg. 3F Information CenterFloor Map
◆Operating hours 10:00~21:00

※If you have any questions about tax-free shopping procedures, please ask at the Tax-free Counter.
※In the future, you will be able to complete procedures for more stores at the Tax Refund Counter.

Tamagawa Takashimaya Department Store

Further details

Eligible sales locations Floor
All sales locations Main Bldg. B1-6F

Specialty stores

Category Store Floor
Fashion CHANEL Main Bldg. 1F
Fashion Stella McCartney Main Bldg. 1F
Fashion Jil Sander Navy Main Bldg. 1F
Fashion Bonpoint Boutique Main Bldg. 1F
Fashion MaxMara Main Bldg. 1F
Fashion MONCLER Main Bldg. 1F
Fashion Ralph Lauren Main Bldg. 1F
Fashion evam eva Main Bldg. 2F
Fashion Oscalito Main Bldg. 2F
Fashion Cotelac Main Bldg. 2F
Fashion JOSEPH Main Bldg. 2F
Fashion Josephine Main Bldg. 2F
Fashion HOUSE OF LOTUS Main Bldg. 2F

Fashion pas de calais Main Bldg. 2F
Fashion FOXEY Main Bldg. 2F
Fashion PLAIN PEOPLE Main Bldg. 2F

Fashion mizuiro ind Main Bldg. 2F
Fashion Aquascutum WHITE LABEL Main Bldg. 3F
Fashion Whim Gazette Main Bldg. 3F
Fashion EPOCA THE SHOP Main Bldg. 3F
Fashion Ginza Taya Main Bldg. 3F
Fashion TOCCA Main Bldg. 3F
Fashion Maggy Main Bldg. 3F
Fashion Ron Herman(except Sence Ron Herman, and Ron Herman Cafe) Ivy's Place
Fashion erin robe South Bldg. B1
Fashion elvence-deux South Bldg. B1
Fashion SHEL'TTER South Bldg. B1
Fashion gelato pique South Bldg. B1
Fashion SHIPS South Bldg. B1
Fashion snidel South Bldg. B1
Fashion Tabio South Bldg. B1
Fashion BARNYARDSTORM South Bldg. B1
Fashion Bshop South Bldg. B1
Fashion Mila Owen South Bldg. B1
Fashion A.P.C. South Bldg. 1F
Fashion ESTNATION South Bldg. 1F
Fashion Emporio Armani South Bldg. 1F
Fashion ENFÖLD South Bldg. 1F
Fashion OfSTYLE South Bldg. 1F
Fashion CABaN South Bldg. 1F
Fashion Ginza Eikokuya South Bldg. 1F
Fashion The SECRETCLOSET South Bldg. 1F

Fashion JESS South Bldg. 1F
Fashion JAMES PERSE South Bldg. 1F
Fashion NEMIKA South Bldg. 1F
Fashion Hiroko Koshino South Bldg. 1F
Fashion martinique South Bldg. 1F
Fashion BEAMS South Bldg. 2F
Fashion qualite scape South Bldg. 2F
Fashion GRACE CONTINENTAL South Bldg. 2F
Fashion CONVERSE TOKYO South Bldg. 2F
Fashion Diesel South Bldg. 2F
Fashion Deuxième Classe South Bldg. 2F

Fashion 1er Arrondissement South Bldg. 2F
Fashion FRAY I.D South Bldg. 2F
Fashion UNITED ARROWS South Bldg. 2F
Fashion allureville South Bldg. 3F
Fashion IÉNA South Bldg. 3F
Fashion ICHIE strawberry-fields South Bldg. 3F
Fashion ebure South Bldg. 3F
Fashion three dots South Bldg. 3F
Fashion Selettivo South Bldg. 3F
Fashion DEMYLEE South Bldg. 3F
Fashion TOMORROWLAND(Men's) South Bldg. 3F
Fashion TOMORROWLAND(Ladies') South Bldg. 3F
Fashion Drawing Numbers South Bldg. 3F
Fashion Barbour South Bldg. 3F
Fashion BAREFOOT DREAMS South Bldg. 3F
Fashion Tokyo Masuiwaya South Bldg. 4F
Fashion B-Three South Bldg. 4F
Fashion Pearly Gates / Master Bunny Edition South Bldg. 5F
Fashion BEAMS GOLF South Bldg. 5F
Fashion BRIEFING GOLF South Bldg. 5F
Fashion Items SAINT LAURENT Main Bldg. 1F
Fashion Items Chanel Fine Jewelry Main Bldg. 1F
Fashion Items Bottega Veneta Main Bldg. 1F
Fashion Items MARNI Main Bldg. 1F
Fashion Items Louis Vuitton Main Bldg. 1F
Fashion Items Repetto Main Bldg. 1F
Fashion Items Loewe Main Bldg. 1F
Fashion Items genten Main Bldg. 2F
Fashion Items Iwaki (except Iwaki Contact Lense Clinic) Main Bldg. 2F
Fashion Items Regal Shoes Main Bldg. 2F
Fashion Items Kitamura Main Bldg. 3F
Fashion Items Star Jewelry Main Bldg. 3F
Fashion Items DIANA Main Bldg. 3F
Fashion Items BAG'n'NOUN South Bldg. B1
Fashion Items goldie H.P. FRANCE South Bldg. 1F
Fashion Items Ginza Kanematsu South Bldg. 1F
Fashion Items Coach South Bldg. 1F
Fashion Items Ponte Vecchio South Bldg. 1F
Fashion Items IL BISONTE South Bldg. 2F
Fashion Items Hervé Chapelier South Bldg. 2F
Fashion Items All Comfort System South Bldg. 2F
Fashion Items FELISI South Bldg. 2F
Fashion Items agete South Bldg. 3F
Fashion Items Ginza Yoshinoya South Bldg. 3F
Fashion Items STACCATO South Bldg. 3F
Fashion Items Swarovski South Bldg. 3F
Fashion Items kipling South Bldg. 4F
Fashion Items CAMPER South Bldg. 5F
Fashion Items Sanyoyamacho South Bldg. 5F
Fashion Items Fournines South Bldg. 5F
Fashion Items m0851 South Bldg. 5F
Fashion Items TiC TAC South Bldg. 5F
Lifestyle iittala Main Bldg. 2F
Lifestyle Cath Kidston South Bldg. B1
Lifestyle diptyque South Bldg. 1F
Lifestyle marimekko South Bldg. 1F
Lifestyle in Touch South Bldg. 3F
Lifestyle Ginza Ito-ya South Bldg. 3F・4F
Lifestyle H.P.DECO South Bldg. 4F
Lifestyle collex South Bldg. 4F
Lifestyle ZWILLING J.A. HENCKLE S South Bldg. 4F
Lifestyle TENERITA South Bldg. 4F
Lifestyle Nihonbashi Kiya South Bldg. 4F

Lifestyle NEAL'S YARD REMEDIES South Bldg. 4F
Lifestyle Madu South Bldg. 4F
Lifestyle BIRTHDAY BAR & KITCHEN South Bldg. 4F
Lifestyle Emilio Robba South Bldg. 5F
Lifestyle Camera no Kitamura South Bldg. 5F
Lifestyle THE NORTH FACE / DANSKIN South Bldg. 5F
Lifestyle IDÉE SHOP South Bldg. 6F
Lifestyle TIME & STYLE RESIDENCE South Bldg. 6F
Lifestyle BOSE select shop South Bldg. 6F
Lifestyle LLOYD'S ANTIQUES South Bldg. 6F
Lifestyle Kojitsusanso GardenIsland Bldg.
Lifestyle PeakPerformance by UPLND GardenIsland Bldg.
Lifestyle Y's Road GardenIsland Bldg.
Cosmetics / Pharmacy Kiehl’s South Bldg.B1
Cosmetics / Pharmacy Cosme Kitchen South Bldg. 3F
Cosmetics / Pharmacy Drug & Cosmetics Sasanami South Bldg. 4F
Cosmetics / Pharmacy MARKS&WEB South Bldg. 4F
Groceries Ueno Mihashi Main Bldg. B1
Groceries Eitarosohonpo Main Bldg. B1
Groceries Toraya Main Bldg. B1
Groceries Mikadoya Main Bldg. B1
Groceries Meidi-ya Main Bldg. B1
Groceries Morozoff Main Bldg. B1
Groceries Yamamotoyama Main Bldg. B1
Groceries KITANO ACE Foods BOUTIQUE South Bldg. B1
Groceries SAKE SHOP FUKUMITSUYA South Bldg. B1
Groceries Leafull Darjeeling House South Bldg. B1
Restaurants & Cafes Fortnum & Mason Concept Shop Main Bldg. 2F

Tax-free List of Shop (PDF)

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