Access Map

*Take the Rt-246 Bypass down for parking at Garden Island.
Not permitted to stop and wait on Rt-246 when entering parking.
Please go straight and use the East Bldg. parking lot (Shuttle service available for free till 20:00).
*Route to Garden Island (8 min walk from Futakotamagawa Stn.)

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Shuttle Services

Between Main Bldg.
and Garden Island
10:00-20:00(as needed)May be delays during peak hours

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Location Hours Charges
West Bldg.(A,B,C,D) 9:30-23:00 ¥ 300 for every 30 mins
East Bldg.
Tower Parking
Garden Island
Marronnier Cort 8:30-23:00

※Parking Fee free after 17:00 on weekdays

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[Parking Charge] free according to purchase price

Purcharge total amount West Bldg.
East Bldg.
Garden Island
Tower Parking
Marronier Court
¥ 2,000 1hr 2hrs
¥ 5,000 2hrs 3hrs
¥ 30,000 3hrs 4hrs
¥ 70,000 4hrs 5hrs
¥ 100,000 7hrs 8hrs

◎Takashimaya Card & S.C Card (not including Takashimaya Saison Card & Takashimaya Point Card) holders can park for up to 2hrs free.(limited to once every weekday)
*Can be combined with the above free parking rate.(Free parking service does not include weekends and national holidays as well as Tamagawa Special Days [special sales], 12/30,31,1/2,3.)
Free parking once a day for 2hrs at Garden Island & Tower Parking excluding Tamagawa Special Days, 12/30,31, 1/2,3.
◎Parking Fee after 17:00 not charged on weekdays. Parking fee charged until 17:00,no extra added thereafter.(Excluding weekends and national holidays, Tamagawa Special Days, 12/30,31, 1/2,3.)

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